Auto Recruiting Platform| When Will It Launch

The question that everyone has been asking when and will ARP launch and my answer to the question is to hear it from the creator him self DON GLANVILLE in the video below watch the video all the way through then click the button below the video to get started before the price goes up […]

Zeek Rewards Programmer Pleads Guilty [Zeek Insiders To Plead Guilty]

Zeek Insiders To Plead Guilty     Two top officials who helped perpetuate what federal authorities are calling the densest Ponzi scheme ever will plead guilty to investment fraud and other criminal charges for their roles in the Lexington-based operation. U.S. Attorney’s Office officials announced Friday that former Zeek Rewards chief operating officer Dawn Wright-Olivares and master programmer Daniel C. […]

Auto Recruiting platform Review

Auto Recruiting Platform Review by Mainlywords Featured Blog by Cheryl Keyworth Auto Recruiting Platform Review **** Although I’ve posted some basic information about Auto Recruiting Platform, I do think it’s time to do a more in depth explanation, albeit biased, as I am a reseller.  I am not an affiliate.  This is a business and I am a […]

Who Is Don Glanville? “Auto Recruiting Platform” Reverse Funnel System!

  WHO IS DON GLANVILLE?     The Reverse Funnel System was invented by Don Glanville! who branded a character named Ty Coughlin, an ex-construction laborer who was drowning in the work-a-day life. We all know that story, right? However, thanks to The Reverse Funnel System, Ty no longer works. These days, he just sit […]

What is Quanta?

What is Quanta? Quanta is Personal Empowerment at the Highest Level… There’s a lot of questions out there about Quanta. The number one question is “What is Quanta?” With all the hype around this new program, I decided to do a little research to learn what Quanta is really about. So here is what I found out […]

Business Automation

Welcome to Applebee’s. My Name Is Tablet. May I Take Your Order?   by Rick Aristotle Munarriz Waiting for someone to take your restaurant order or trying to flag somebody down to get your check at the end of a meal is about to become so 2013 at Applebee’s. The casual dining chain will have tablets at every […]

How SMS Text Messaging Retains Customers & Drives Loyalty

Blog Feature December 11, 2013 Brian Honigman Freelance writer, content marketer & social media consultant How SMS Text Messaging Retains Customers & Drives Loyalty     Mobile advertising is still in its infancy, but that hasn’t slowed the astronomical growth in businesses buying into this powerful consumer touch-point. SMS text messaging is by far one […]

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Mobilize Their Marketing

Featured Blog Post By Kristy L. Campbell Director of Marketing and Communications, Manta  5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Mobilize Their Marketing   Today’s consumers are more mobile-dependent than ever before. In fact, according to Pew Internet, 91 percent of American adults own a cell phone, 56 percent own a smartphone and 35 percent of Americans […]