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Auto Recruiting platform Review

Auto Recruiting Platform Review by Mainlywords Featured Blog by Cheryl Keyworth Auto Recruiting Platform Review **** Although I’ve posted some basic information about Auto Recruiting Platform, I do think it’s time to do a more in depth explanation, albeit biased, as I am a reseller.  I am not an affiliate.  This is a business and I am a […]

Business Automation

Welcome to Applebee’s. My Name Is Tablet. May I Take Your Order?   by Rick Aristotle Munarriz Waiting for someone to take your restaurant order or trying to flag somebody down to get your check at the end of a meal is about to become so 2013 at Applebee’s. The casual dining chain will have tablets at every […]

A New kind of Income Model… made for today’s people.

A New kind of Income Model… made for today’s people.   From the Desk of: Dale Payne-Sizer   –  December 8 , 2013 4:00 am Est     As 2013 cruises in on an unprecedented rise in consumer information products and social media consumption/usage, there are a few hardcore market observations that must be acknowledged— […]

Effective Mobile Marketing

If you believe experts like Mary Meeker, mobile advertising is getting hotter every day, but a true revolution is still a ways off. The dollars spent on mobile marketing do not come close to lining up with the amount of time we spend with our devices, and “traditional” media like print and broadcast still attract […]

Auto Recruiting Platform

Auto Recruiting Platform The Auto Recruiting Platform is a new marketing tool that has just been released and helps you grow your business faster than you ever thought possible. What it does is directly addresses than main problem that slows down the progression of any business. This hass the ability to generate new business and have a correct funnel in place, […]